SCOTTISH superstar Lewis Capaldi has appeared on the popular internet show Hot Ones.

During the interview, the musician discussed the popular Celtic song Grace, actress Jenna Ortega, first dates, AI, his Scottish accent, his mortgage and more.

Host Sean Evans asked him: "So, we had your friend Niall Horan on the show and he said that your most Scottish trait is that you talk too fast for people to understand you.

"And that he believes, that you do so on purpose, especially when you are talking to Americans, confirm or deny!"

Lewis replied: "I can confirm that, sometimes. I got friends from England, who can't understand me.

"But sometimes, I think people are just being like 'Oh, what are you saying?'

"Americans make more of an effort to understand what I am saying, whereas English people, especially posh English people, can just be pr*cks for the sake of it."

Then, the interviewer asked: "Do you have a go-to Celtic FC chant, something I can have in my back pocket, should I ever find myself at Celtic Park?"

The Someone You Loved singer answered: "There is a really beautiful song called Grace.

"It's an old Irish song but Celtic fans sing it because of the connection with Ireland. It's a beautiful tune."

Hot Ones is a YouTube series, where stars are interviewed while eating chicken wings with increasingly hot sauces.

You can watch Capaldi's episode below.