ANOTHER Scottish school has been forced to deny that children are identifying as cats after the conspiracy once again spread on social media.

Last year, The National reported how a rumour which appeared on a community Facebook page resulted in Aberdeenshire Council having to issue a statement confirming that there were “no cats and no children identifying as cats at Banff Academy.”

Now, a similar rumour has been denied by South Ayrshire Council after a viral TikTok video claimed schoolgirls at Ayr Academy were using litter trays and identifying as cats.

South Ayrshire Council told the Ayr Advertiser that there were “no pupils identifying as animals in Ayr Academy and there are no litter trays”.

The TikTok user, who regularly shares vaccine and climate change sceptic content, later deleted the video and replaced it with a screenshot of what appeared to be her own Facebook post.

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The post read: “How come all my serious work on videos that tik tok never go viral yet I had a video rant no facts nor evidence a rant and it’s gone viral for real viral, lunacy seems to be the new norm and bad is good.

“Ayr Academy has no cat litter trays”.

A similar rumour spread about a school in England last week after a video was posted on social media. In the recording, one pupil describes the idea of another pupil identifying as a cat as “crazy” and is reprimanded by her teacher for her thoughts about biological sex and gender identity.

Kemi Badenoch, the UK Government minister for Women and Equalities, demanded the school be inspected by Ofsted – despite the school saying that no children had identified “as a cat or any other animal”.

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The so-called “litter box conspiracy” first appeared in the United States in 2021 and has coincided with a wave of legislative proposals in numerous US states which would require teachers to notify parents if their child is identifying as transgender at school.

Recently, leaked UK Government guidelines showed that teachers may soon be encouraged to do the very same thing in British schools.