EDINBURGH Zoo has staunchly defended a tweet celebrating LGBT+ Pride after it attracted backlash on Twitter.

On Monday morning, Edinburgh Zoo’s official Twitter account posted some pictures of staff walking in the Edinburgh Pride parade over the weekend.

It read: “Our teams had an incredible day at Edinburgh Pride.

“LGBTQ+ colleagues, members and supporters make amazing contributions to saving wildlife.

“Let’s build a community where everyone is welcome. Together, we can create a world where nature is protected, valued and loved.”

However, by Tuesday the tweet had begun to attract comments questioning why the zoo supported LGBT+ equality.

One comment claimed that the “optics” of the tweet suggested the zoo supported “mutilating children”. 

Edinburgh Zoo responded: “Statements like this which spread misinformation about LGBTQ+ people highlight why it is so important to show our solidarity.

“We want to ensure we are creating a nature community where everyone is welcome. Nature needs us all more than ever.”

Other commenter asked what Pride had to do with a zoo.

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Once again, the account responded detailing why they felt it was important to stand up for LGBT+ equality.

“Nature needs us all more than ever,” they said.

“The LGBTQ+ community face discrimination and harassment daily and it is important we stand in solidarity in order to build an inclusive movement to save wildlife where everyone is safe and welcome.”

While the post attracted criticism from some quarters, the zoo’s responses have also garnered praise for their staunch defence of LGBT+ people.

“Thank you @EdinburghZoo for your support and well done to your social media team who have been openly challenging the misinformation and hate-filled comments on your post,” said one.

“That is true allyship! Thank you!”

Another added: “Shoutout to the Edinburgh Zoo team for politely but firmly shutting down the trolls in the comments.

“Right, who fancies a trip to the zoo?”

Ben Supple, Director of Engagement and Business Development for Royal Zoological Society Scotland, said: “We are proud to attend Pride to celebrate the incredible contribution that the LGBTQ+ community makes to wildlife conservation.

“Nature is in crisis and needs everyone to stand and work together here in Scotland and around the world.

“Our charity wants to inspire people from every community to protect, value and love nature and we are very grateful to everyone who has shared messages of positivity and support.”