A CONSERVATIVE MP has doubled down on his comments after sparking outrage with a tweet which appeared to mock a woman’s mental health.

Brendan Clarke-Smith labelled political commentator Tan Smith a “vile internet troll” on Monday evening after she thanked a Samaritans volunteer for helping her at Glastonbury.

Smith, who goes by Supertanskiii on Twitter, said the volunteer’s intervention made “such a difference” as the festival can be a “battle of endurance” for those with ADHD.

But the MP for Bassetlaw caused outrage with a post saying: “Cares little for the welfare of others however when spouting her foul-mouthed bile on twitter. Excuse me for playing the world’s smallest violin.”

Smith responded, saying the post had caused her “severe distress”, sharing that she had lost a friend to suicide and lives with PTSD.

In another tweet, she also called Clarke-Smith “incredibly foolish” and claimed he is about as popular “as an uninhibited w*nk in a public park”.

She tweeted: “It’s incredibly foolish to try to come for popular commentators with hundreds of thousands of followers and who have public opinion their side, when you’re about as popular as an uninhibited w*nk in a public park, Brendan.

“It’s all going a bit Raoul Moat. Are you ok, hun?”

Clark-Smith has not yet responded to Smith’s more recent post, but does appear to have doubled down on his comments as he has responded to many of those calling his behaviour into question.

He responded directly to a Daily Mirror article detailing the backlash to his comments, tweeting: “Interesting moralistic take from a newspaper that thinks challenging foul-mouthed internet trolls on their hypocrisy is worse than mocking people who have died.

The opinion piece he was referencing was contrasting the reaction to the Titanic submersible and the deaths of those on board to that of hundreds of migrants lost while trying to cross the Mediterranean.

Clarke-Smith also responded to journalist Ben Kentish.

The Westminster editor for LBC said: “I have no idea who the original tweeter is or what they have/haven’t tweeted previously, but this is never, ever how you should respond to someone talking about their struggles with mental health. Especially if you’re an MP.”

The Tory MP replied: “You know full well about the tweeter’s track record Ben. Quit the Mother Teresa routine.”

The original post has still not been deleted despite generating hundreds of outraged responses.

The National has asked both Clarke-Smith and the Conservative Party for comment.