SCHOOLS in England are to be banned from allowing children to change their gender if their parents won’t allow it, it has been reported.

As well as this, The Sun reports that any children who want to be called by another pronoun will not be able to take part in competitive sport, under new Government guidance to be published later this week.

Under the new plans, headteachers in England will be told parents must always be consulted if a child wants to be called another name.

The school will also be unable to use the child’s preferred pronouns until the parents give consent for this.

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A Government source told the paper: “Parents have got to be kept in the know about their child while they are at school and be consulted when sensitive matters arise.

“If their child expresses a desire to transition, for example, it’s vitally important that parents are made aware and have a say.

“It is in everyone’s best interest to ensure this happens, so that the child is looked after, teachers are clear in how they must handle the situation and parents know so that they can handle it appropriately and sensitively.

“The guidance will be crystal clear on all fronts.”

According to the report, teachers will be ordered not to recognise a transition within the school if parents don’t agree to it.

And even if parents do give consent, the school must consider the effects on other children before approving the change.

In response to the plans, the Scottish Greens have said that trans rights are not safe with the UK Government. 

The National:

The party’s equalities spokesperson Maggie Chapman (above) said the “nasty” and “bigoted” proposals will “have a devastating impact on vulnerable young trans people”.

She added: “The Tories clearly don’t care about the consequences. It is part of their shameful and reactionary culture war that they use to distract from their numerous failings. 

“The fact that it comes at the same time as the publication of a recording of Rishi Sunak mocking trans people tells us everything we need to know about the Tories and what they stand for. 

“Time and again the UK Government has shown that it cannot be trusted to respect the rights of trans people. It will scapegoat them, demonise them and punish them just for existing.”

Speaking to The Sun, Rishi Sunak said: “The wellbeing and safety of children is my top priority.

“We have to recognise that any degree of social transition could have potentially quite a significant impact and consequences for a child.

“So it is vital the right safeguards are in place.”

It is also understood that new guidance will be issued on sex education in schools in England.

The Sun reports that topics such as gender will not be presented as facts but as a means to encourage discussion.

No 10 has been contacted for comment.