ANTI-monarchy groups are planning demonstrations when King Charles and Queen Camilla make a week-long visit to Scotland next month to mark their coronation.

Events will include the King being presented with the Honours of Scotland – the Scottish crown jewels - at a national service of thanksgiving at St Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh on Wednesday July 5, followed by a ‘people's procession’ on the Royal Mile.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, known as the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay in Scotland, will also attend events.

Campaigners who want to see the monarchy abolished have said they plan to stage protests – but have highlighted a lack of information so far on what will happen during the visit to Edinburgh.

During the coronation of King Charles last month, a demonstration was held at Edinburgh’s Calton Hill by Our Republic, the Scottish campaign calling for an elected head of state.

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A statement from the group said: "After the success of our rally at Calton Hill on the day of the coronation, it's clear to us that there is huge appetite in Scotland for a bolder stance against the institution of the monarchy.

The National:

“With only weeks to go until the "Royal Week" it is surprisingly difficult to find any information on what Charles actually intends to do in Edinburgh.

“Yet we do know this - It is yet another excuse for the monarchy to ask the taxpayer to shell out for pomp and pageantry for Charles as the people he considers his subjects struggle under a cost of living crisis.”

The group added: “Perhaps it's the Monarchy’s unpopularity in Scotland behind why we have heard so little in the run up to the ceremony at St Giles Cathedral.

“On the 5th July we intend to be rallying once again to champion the cause of Scotland having a democratically elected and accountable head of state.

“As Charles claims the honours he feels entitled to, we will be the reminder that Scotland has never been asked to consent to his rule.”

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Republic UK has also said it is planning a protest against the monarchy during the “coronation-lite” in Edinburgh Supporters have been asked to join an event on the Royal Mile, leading up to Edinburgh Castle on July 5, with other demonstrations potentially planned in the run-up to the day.

In an email Graham Smith, chief executive of Republic, said: “Let's make sure the world hears our message: instead of Charles, we want a choice”.

The arrest of anti-monarchy demonstrators during the King’s coronation sparked huge controversy, triggering criticism of new Tory anti-protest laws.

The Metropolitan Police, which faced a backlash over their handling of the protests, subsequently released Republic members and said the arrests were regrettable.