A LUXURY designer scarf is the ultimate fashion accessory that can elevate your outfit like nothing else. It can add class and elegance, transforming a casual look into a formal fit.

Not to mention, the right one can become a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. So make the wise decision and invest in a quality cashmere or lambswool scarf from one of the best scarf makers in the world, Edinburgh Cashmere!

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Not only will their high-quality accessories keep you warm in the cooler seasons, but the unique designs will also garner all sorts of compliments wherever you go!

Here, we look into this innovative brand and its unique designs to find out why they are the best. Keep reading to learn more!

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Scottish Brand Edinburgh Cashmere

Why is Scotland known the world over for its incredible cashmere and lambswool? It's because of entrepreneurs like DC Singh who have ramped up cashmere and lambswool production with state-of-the-art facilities and high-quality fabrication.

Since 2008, DC Singh has been applying his distinct approach to wool manufacturing through his premium brand, Edinburgh Cashmere, which focuses on quality with sustainability, environmental consciousness, and ethical practices.

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With such dedication, DC stays ahead of the rest with every item he makes, be it a 100% pure cashmere scarf or a 100% lambswool scarf.

It should come as no surprise that Edinburgh Cashmere is quickly becoming one of the largest suppliers of cashmere and lambswool designer scarves worldwide, from the UK and Europe to the US and most recently Japan!

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With exclusive merchandising deals with Premier League football clubs, the only way is up for Edinburgh Cashmere!


Edinburgh Cashmere: the DC Scarf

Scarf fabrication is an art form in itself, and no one has mastered it better than DC Singh.

With a finger on the pulse of the fashion world, DC is acutely aware of the latest and future trends, which helps him create unique designer scarves every time.

With such an imaginative eye, DC Singh has married 100% high-quality scarf fabrication with creativity to create a range of exclusive colours and patterns, including:

  • The memorable DC check
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  • The famous DC Classic
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  • Vibrant solid colours
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  • Monogrammed and Jacquard
  • Classic Scottish Tartans
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As we mentioned before, Edinburgh Cashmere always likes to stay one step ahead of the game. So they also play with weave thicknesses and fibre densities to turn their designer scarves into year-round accessories!


Edinburgh Cashmere: One of the Best

Scarf manufacturing that creates a 100% pure cashmere and 100% pure lambswool scarf each time is the mark of the highest level of quality assurance and one of the main reasons Edinburgh Cashmere is featured time and time again in fashion magazines such as Vogue GQ, Grazia and Tatler.

Moreover, when you buy a luxury designer scarf from Edinburgh Cashmere, you know you have the best Scotland has to offer. To explore more of this designer brand's offerings, check the designer scarf selection in their official online store. You will surely find the perfect luxury designer scarf to match your mood and aesthetic!

What are you waiting for? Shop today and add some cashmere and lambswool to your collection!








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