The National:

WE know it’s an uncomfortable time for the Tories right now. They’ve lost three MPs quicker than you can say partygate on top of all the economic devastation they’ve caused at quite some pace as well.

And about six minutes into an interview with Andrew Bowie on the BBC on Sunday morning, the Jouker couldn’t half feel that discomfort as the Scottish Tory MP squirmed over and over again when he was grilled by Martin Geissler on the state of the UK both economically and on the international stage.

Geissler started out by highlighting how the problems with the UK’s economy have been caused by the Tories who have zipped through five prime ministers in the last seven years.

Bowie’s meek defence for this consisted of pointing to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, skimming right over the mini-budget that sent the pound into submission and interest rates into a seemingly never-ending ascent.

When Geissler pointed out Liz Truss’s disastrous financial plan, Bowie – clearly not one for self-reflection - completely ignored him and argued inflation is “moving in the right direction”, despite how it recently emerged the UK would have one of the highest inflations in the developed world this year.

I mean, if I was a Tory, I don’t think I’d engage in any level of self-awareness either for mental health reasons.

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As the interview continued and Geissler highlighted the UK becoming a country of “massively diminishing international significance”(The Jouker agrees with this entirely and suggests Scotland get out asap if it knows what’s good for it), Bowie came back suggesting the UK “continues to punch above its weight”.

I mean he said that’s obvious from the fact the UK is the 5th or 6th best economy in the world. The Jouker for one have always wanted to come 5th or 6th, that’s my favourite place to be!

I lost count of the amount of times Bowie said “Martin” during the chat, as if he thought this was going to save him from what was an embarrassing defence of a situation he knows his party have caused and will suffer for at the next General Election.

Run all you like Bowie, but being the 5th or 6th best economy in the world is going to send the Tories right down the pecking order with the UK public.