THE drag queen who is due to perform for children at the Pride month event which Douglas Ross attacked has said the Scottish Tory leader should be held accountable for the “hate” they have suffered.

John Naples-Campbell, an award-winning educator who performs as Miss Lossie Mouth, faced a barrage of online abuse after Moray Council announced a drag queen story time event for children at Elgin Library.

Ross spearheaded criticism of the event, claiming it would be “totally inappropriate to hold a show like this for kids under the age of six”.

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Comments under the Scots Tory leader’s post included multiple attacks on the drag performer, with Twitter users claiming Naples-Campbell was “misogynistic filth” guilty of “depravity” and “perverted”.

Speaking out on Thursday, Naples-Campbell said that Ross should be held accountable for the hatred.

The drag performer said in a statement: “Well, what a week... can I say firstly a huge thank you to those who have shown support, called out hatred and sent love. You have been a light in a very dark tunnel.

“Since the early 2020s, members of the far-right and a growing number of mainstream conservatives, mostly in the United States but sadly now in the UK, have falsely accused LGBT people, like myself, as well as our allies and progressives in general, of systematically using LGBT education and campaigns for LGBT rights as a method of child grooming and enabling pedophilia.

“These accusations and conspiracy theories are characterised by experts as baseless, homophobic and transphobic, and as examples of moral panic.

“I am a teacher, an educator but also a trained performer. My show, be it for adults or children, is about Disney, musicals and finding your authentic self no matter where or who you are.

“The hate has been hurtful, not just to me but also my family and husband. No one deserves this. Douglas Ross should be held accountable for his words and the hate that has been directed towards me and [the LGBT+] community.”

Naples-Campbell added: “Section 28 ended over two decades ago.. it needs to remain there.”

The statement came as a Scottish Government minister called on Ross to “reflect” and “apologise” for his comments.

It came after SNP MSP Karen Adam drew a connection between Ross’s attack on the drag queen event and hate crimes against LGBT+ people.

Moray Council, the Tory-run local authority which is holding the event at Elgin Library, has stood by the performer.

On Tuesday, it rebuffed the Scots Conservative leader, saying: “We appreciate and accept that everyone has differing views on drag queens but believe our fun, lively and joyous celebration of reading and self-expression is a suitable way to encourage confidence in our young readers.”

The Scottish Tories have been asked for comment.