THINGS got off to an unexpectedly conciliatory start during FMQs on Thursday.

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross asked the First Minister to respond to comments that Police Scotland chief Sir Iain Livingstone made where he described the force as “institutionally discriminatory and racist”.

Humza Yousaf commended the Chief Constable for acknowledging systemic problems within the force, describing his statement as “monumental”.

Both Ross and Yousaf seemed determined to not turn such an important topic into a party political rammy.

There was one dicey moment, where it looked as though the ceasefire may have been called off – when Douglas Ross raised the issue of police funding, but then he went on to make it clear that a lack of resources is not an excuse for discriminatory behaviour.

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Humza Yousaf echoed this point, reminded the chamber that Douglas Ross had made it first, and the Scottish Tory leader could be seen banging his desk in approval at the First Minister’s words.

As the young ones say: scenes.

I suspect we’ll never see its like again.

Both sets of backbenchers looked slightly confused that the pair had managed to get through a whole set of questions without challenging one another to a duel or arm wrestle.

Things to an abrupt turn back into normality valley when Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar began asking his questions.

He asserted there is a “culture of secrecy and cover-up at the heart of this dysfunctional and chaotic SNP government” and said that the number of Freedom of Information requests passed to ministers for approval had doubled in recent times.

“What’s he got to hide?” he asked the First Minister.

In response, Humza Yousaf said that the question was a sign of Sarwar’s increasing desperation and that he was “throwing as much mud as he can in the hope that something sticks”.

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Then the squabbling started and to be honest, it wasn’t very entertaining, because neither Sarwar nor Yousaf are much good at it.

“He says he’s transparent – transparently HOPELESS,” said Anas Sarwar, in the best imitation of your dad you’ve ever seen.

Humza Yousaf shot back, saying that Anas Sarwar has “lots of style, but no substance”.

It was a comment that had the Labour benches in raptures, as they panto-pointed and laughed at the First Minister.

“We now have a first – a no style AND no substance First Minister,” retorted the Scottish Labour leader.

He went on to reel off a list of the SNP’s woes and asked: “How many police investigations are currently ongoing into the activities of the SNP and the Scottish government?”

With only a few questions and answers remaining, both seemed determined to fit as many jibes and jabs in as possible.

“I saw Anas Sarwar celebrating polls that once again put the Labour party in second place,” began the First Minister.

“CELEBRATING BEING A LOSER! That sums up Anas Sarwar and the Scottish Labour party pretty well,” he concluded.