AN independence convention will not be successful unless a code of conduct is put in place for campaigners, an SNP MP has said.

Writing exclusively in The National, Perth and North Perthshire MP Pete Wishart has thrown his weight behind calls for a civic-led Yes summit, but with a few caveats.

We previously told how Alba called for the “immediate establishment” of an independence convention following their conference in Inverness earlier this month.

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And, Alba party leader Alex Salmond wrote to the SNP and Scottish Greens calling for a convention to be set up, as well as suggesting that each constituency at the next General Election would only field one pro-independence candidate.

In the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday, former SNP leadership contender Ash Regan asked Minister for Independence Jamie Hepburn if he supported the creation of a convention.

Hepburn declined to say if he supported the move, adding: “When I take the temperature of the independence movement at this moment in time, I see a real sense of unity of purpose, a determination to work collaboratively towards that end and I intend to play my part in that regard.”

The National: SNP's Pete Wishart in the House of Commons, London

Writing in the National, SNP MP Wishart (pictured above) backed the creation of an independence convention, but warned a code of conduct would need to be put in place.

At the Aberdeen Independence Movement (AIM) conference last year, we told how a code of conduct created by the group will “likely be the template for the wider movement”.

“I don’t believe that a convention would necessarily be a panacea to all our independence issues but what it could do is offer a helpful impetus to independence campaigning and help bring a fragmented movement together.

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“To achieve that there is one key thing that would have to be put in place and that is a code of conduct.

“This would be required to ensure the highest possible standard of democratic engagement and outline the basis of joint working.

“This code must enshrine the best principles of respect, dignity and equality. It should also outline the values of the convention and be a safe place for all those who come under its umbrella.”

Wishart said this would mean no use of words such as “traitors” or “sell outs”, and to treat opponents of independence with respect.

“Without this code of conduct in place, it is impossible to believe that any convention would have even a remote chance of success.” Wishart added.

“It is an opportunity to put behind us the hateful language of the past and offer a clean slate.”

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