FIRE crews were called to Glasgow Airport following a report of a "technical issue" on a plane. 

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) were called to the airport to support their fire service partners at around 2pm yesterday afternoon. 

They were called to the scene after the flight crew of an Icelandair flight, which landed at 1.30pm, reported a technical issue. 

The flight was met by fire services upon landing. 

An airport spokesperson confirmed passengers were able to disembark the aircraft as normal. 

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An SFRS spokesperson said: "We were requested at 2pm on Thursday, May 18 to support our fire service partners at Glasgow Airport.

"Operations Control mobilised a number of resources to the scene, where SFRS personnel supported their partners before leaving the area."

A spokesperson for Glasgow Airport said: "The Icelandair flight landed at 1.30pm and was met by fire services following the report of a technical issue by the flight crew.

"All passengers disembarked as normal."

Icelandair has been contacted for comment.