A FORMER Tory Cabinet member has admitted her party “repel” voters.

Nadine Dorries, a fierce Boris Johnson loyalist who served as his culture secretary, approvingly reposted a tweet from the National Conservatism official Twitter account highlighting a speech from commentator Melanie Phillips.

The tweet read: “The British public is repelled by the Tories as well as Labour. Neither speaks to people’s wish to have a home, with a set of inherited traditions and institutions.

“These are conservative values. That’s why people voted for Brexit.”

Dorries, who has been a backbench critic of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, replied to the tweet: “So clear and so true.”

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It comes amid a growing row within the Conservative Party about falling rates of homeownership, especially among young people.

Some Tory MPs fear the party has driven away a generation of renters who have effectively abandoned hope of owning a home.

It has given Keir Starmer a chance to paint Labour as the party of homeownership – pledging to rewrite English planning laws to encourage more housebuilding.