SCOTS have been invited to the Netherlands to join a march and rally for Scottish Independence.

The group Netherlands for Scottish Independence is hosting a march and rally in The Hague on Saturday, May 27.

The event is expected to be attended by ex-pats from the Netherlands and surrounding countries, and several people are travelling from Scotland to speak or provide music on the day.

Speakers that have been announced include the founder of the Scottish Resistance James Scott, Dave Llewellyn from Salvo, Flemish campaigner Bart De Valck, Colin Macpherson from Germans for Scottish independence, Ignasi Ripoll Mecho representing the Dutch chapter of the Catalan National Assembly, as well as Scot activists Leah Gunn Barrett and Pat Lee.

Performers include German musician Tina Junneman, Scottish folk group Ballantyne, Richardson and Reid who are living in Delft, Netherlands, Amanda Brown, Fred Gold and Steve Dewar.

The group put out the message: “If you have ever wanted to speak or play at one of these rallies, please let us know. Make a weekend of it in The Hague and be part of this event. Please contact us if you want to speak or play at the rally. Till then.”

The last three events were held online due to Covid and they are happy to return to The Hague for their fourth in-person rally.

Chief organiser Raimond Dijkstra told fellow activists Lee and Macpherson on the People's International Chat show: “Gladly, we are able to go on site again. A march taking us right past the British embassy and then a rally with some great speakers, some great musicians as well.

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"I hope its going to be a blast and the only thing that might put a little bit of a damper might be the weather but we’ll see what happens and we’ll be there no matter what.”

Pat Lee said that Westminster has shown that the international support of groups like Netherlands for Scottish Independence of crucial, accusing the UK Government of “trying to silence the Scottish ministers from interacting with international colleagues”.

He told the show: “That in itself is a sign of oppression and the grounds for them demanding from the international community is that they don’t want dilution of the devolution act. They don’t want the Scottish ministers representing the Scottish people to be talking about anything other than their ministerial portofolio which does not include independence.

“These are the stages we can interact with the international community and put over the case of an oppressed Scotland.”

All details can be found on the group's Facebook page.