THE organiser of a Scottish coronation event has apologised after a Nazi flag on display caused offence.

The swastika flag was draped over a table which displayed a German army helmet and other memorabilia at events at Buckie Fishermen's Hall over the weekend.

The hall hosted a “blast from the past” event on the day of the King’s coronation – May 6, followed by a party on Monday May 8.

But photos of the events showing the swastika flag caused offence when posted to a community Facebook page.

"Why do we need to see that horrible Nazi sign?" one user asked, as another called it “absolutely disgusting”.

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"This was part of my life growing up"

But organiser Stan Squires said the flag had been there to showcase life in the 40s, which Nazi Germany had “unfortunately” been a big part of.

He told Grampian Online: "I'm going to be 82 soon. This was part of my life growing up in the 40s so I was just trying to put a story across of my life.

"Unfortunately for us, a big part of that was Nazi Germany but I really didn't want to upset anybody. It was just about showing off war memorabilia.

"There was no offence meant by it but if I offended anybody then I would like to apologise to them. It really wasn't meant to be that way."

Squires said the “main thing” was that the events had done as intended, and raised money for the charities Clan Cancer Support Moray and Oaks Elgin.

"We've raised £1270 for that and that's the main thing,” he said.