The National:

RISHI Sunak has been mocked online for a "horrendous" video where he wished football team Stockton Town good luck ahead of their play-off final.

During the video posted on Twitter by Tory MP Matt Vickers, Sunak spoke about the team’s semi-final win in a way only a person who has never watched a penalty shoot-out in their life would.

The former chancellor spoke to the camera in bizarre fashion, leaving some Twitter users to describe his message as “horrendous and vomit-inducing”.

Political commentator Owen Jones poked fun at the Prime Minister, comparing his strange delivery to a children’s TV presenter – however, one Twitter comment said that CBBC presenters have more “charm and charisma”.

Another online comment compared Sunak’s football spiel to Richard Ayoade’s character in the IT Crowd trying to watch a game of football.

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Vickers, the Conservative MP for Stockton South, requested the message of support for the side.

In comical fashion, Sunak ended the video by saying “good luck to the anchors” and then proceeded to hold the club’s jersey aloft.

The PM also stated: “I understand you’ve got some of the best and loudest fans around.”