SCOTTISH Tory leader Douglas Ross has said he will make the “strongest possible representations” to No 10 after it barred the media from a Q&A with the Prime Minister.

There was an hour-long stand-off between the media and No 10 staffers on Friday before Sunak appeared.

Our reporter Xander Elliards told how journalists were offered an ultimatum to either ask the PM a single question about Richard Sharp’s resignation or ask him nothing whatsoever.

Journalists were eventually given around six minutes of Sunak’s time and asked to “delete your tweets” about what happened.

Asked about the plan for restricting access to the media, Sunak denied it had happened.

He said: “That is absolutely not my understanding of what happened. That’s just completely wrong. Just, just completely wrong.”

However, Douglas Ross said that what occurred was “unnecessary” and “shouldn’t have happened”.

He explained: “It was unnecessary. It shouldn’t have happened. I always speak to the press, I speak to all of you, we’ll have as many questions as you need to take.

“You were rightly upset about it and sorted it amongst yourselves to make sure that at least more of you were in the room.

“I’ll be making the strongest possible representations to No 10 about it. We’ve had a long time ago in the past with other political parties so I’m acutely aware of how it looks and how it’s wrong.

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“I can only act on my behalf and that’s why I’m going to take every single one of your questions this afternoon.”

Ross took questions for around 25 minutes from the press.