THE newly appointed minister for independence Jamie Hepburn is to meet with regional representatives of Believe in Scotland’s campaign steering group.

Representatives for Yes groups across Scotland, "from Orkney to the Borders", will participate in discussion with the minister as “the SNP are engaging with the grassroots independence movement like never before”.

Believe in Scotland (BiS), the largest and most active campaigning organisation in the Yes movement, will host Hepburn on Wednesday night at their monthly meeting.

The campaign steering group consists of democratically elected representatives from 17 regions across Scotland and representatives nominated by the National Yes Groups.

Hepburn is expected to discuss “the road to independence” and “strategies for the Scottish Government and grassroots independence movement” in a one-hour online Q&A session.

The Scottish Government’s minister for independence said he was delighted to be taking part in the event alongside the BiS team "who are doing some fantastic work" campaigning for Yes.

Hepburn said: “We have a duty to ensure that voters in Scotland have the information they need about independence to make an informed choice about the future of our nation, while your Scottish Government works hard to share our vision of the flourishing country Scotland will become with the full powers of independence.

“Away from this broken Westminster system, an independent Scotland would have the powers to build a Wellbeing Economy that works for everyone, where the health and happiness of our citizens will be as big a priority as economic growth.

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“Our grassroots activists from right across Scotland, including, of course, those who constitute Believe in Scotland, will play a crucial role in building support for independence. I am looking forward to listening to the local activists and organisers who give up their time to champion our cause, taking our message to undecided voters across the country.

“Together we will take our bold vision of a greener, fairer and wealthier Scotland to every single doorstep so that we build a sustained majority of Yes voters and deliver independence for Scotland.”

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, the founder of Believe in Scotland, who will chair the meeting, said the new SNP leadership and approach towards the grassroots is "resetting" the relationship between campaigners and the party.

MacIntyre-Kemp said: “The new leadership team at the SNP are engaging with the grassroots independence movement like never before.

The National: MacIntyre-Kemp, founder of Believe in ScotlandMacIntyre-Kemp, founder of Believe in Scotland (Image: BiS)

"Resetting the grassroots campaign's relationship with the SNP and Scottish Government is an important first step in refreshing the independence case and resetting and revitalising the independence campaign – and this early meeting with Jamie Hepburn will be a key component of that vital task.”

BiS’s 129 affiliated local Yes Groups and nine affiliated National Yes Groups are split up into 17 local campaign regions for effective discussion and targeted strategy.

The campaign steering group is made up of representatives from these 17 local campaign regions and manages the organisation's activities.