THE security measures surrounding the Prime Minister’s convoy appear to have taken an unusual form.

A bizarre video posted on Twitter shows more than 30 police officers either cycling or running in front, alongside or behind Rishi Sunak’s car and security detail as it makes its way through central London.

One officer on a bicycle physically shoves a member of the public off the road while shouting: “Out the way! Out the way, please!”.

He is followed by 10 more officers also on bicycles as well as at least 20 who are jogging.

The person behind the camera then asks "Who's there?" and is told "the Prime Minister" by an officer as she runs down the road. 

The usual escort of Range Rovers, police cars and motorbikes are also in attendance.

It is not clear why the Prime Minister’s security detail was ramped up although it has received a bemused reception on social media.

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National columnist Gerry Hassan said: “Rishi Sunak transported around London as if he is a mini-me US President.

“If any future Labour PM behaved like this wasting public monies & with such delusions of imperial grandeur they would be savaged!”

Many others have questioned how much the allocation of so many officers is costing the UK Government.