THE deputy leader of the SNP has hit out at BBC Scotland – claiming they do not hold the UK Government to account.

Appearing on the Sunday show – hosted by Martin Geissler – Keith Brown stated that the UK Government’s record was “not often examined on this programme.”

The National's research from 2021 found stark differences between how the UK and Scottish governments are reported on by the BBC.

In one example, from a week in September, not a single story on the UK-wide News at Six show featured negative framing of the Westminster Government.

During the same period, Reporting Scotland ran 10 stories about the Scottish Government with a negative framing.

Speaking to the Sunday Show, Brown pointed to the UK Government’s record of a national debt of £2.5 trillion, the worst drop in living standards in living memory and food inflation peaking at 17.5% – inferring as to why the Conservatives haven’t been quizzed more on these issues by the BBC.

The Conservatives have now been in power for nearly 14 years – since David Cameron’s coalition with the Liberal Democrats – and have overseen a policy of austerity, slashing public funding.

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Geissler responded to Brown’s remarks by saying that: “We do hold the Tory government to account as often as we possibly can on this programme, as often as the government comes on and we certainly hope the Scottish Tories do count.”

The deputy leader went on to say that Humza Yousaf is focused on making sure people have, “equality, opportunity and rebuilding our communities during this cost-of-living crisis”.

Elsewhere on the programme, Brown also said there had been an "uptick" in new members joining the SNP despite the high-profile investigation into party finances. 

He added that there had also been an increase in donations in recent months, despite increased scrutiny on the party as the finance probe continues.