THE man behind a petition to rename a Scottish street which currently honours a former British military general has called its name an “obscenity”.

Residents of Kirriemuir, in Angus, are calling for Cumberland Close to have its name changed to avoid association with the man known for the brutal treatment of Scots during the Jacobite uprisings.

Scott McFarlane started a campaign to remove the name of Prince William Augustus – known as “the butcher of Cumberland” – from his town.

Cumberland Close is located near a memorial to three local men who were commemorated for fighting in the First World War.

McFarlane said: “The memorial to these brave men sits right under the Cumberland Close sign, making the location name even more of an obscenity.

“To have a street name named after you is an honour bestowed upon deserving cases, this man was a rapist and mass murderer.”

The duke is a controversial figure in Scottish history due to his role in the Battle of Culloden, where he reportedly ordered that all Jacobite soldiers left alive be executed.

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His involvement in the pacification of the Highlands – where all men believed to be rebels were killed, including civilians – has also started a contemporary debate on how to deal with such a contentious figure from Scottish history.

McFarlane thinks changing the name would be a straightforward and correct decision stating: “Cumberland Close only has six buildings, one residential dwelling and five council units therefore the changing of title deeds would not be an issue.

“My online petition now has 460 signatures and the paper copies are now circulating in town.”

The online petition states: “We consider the current name to be highly offensive and inappropriate for a modern-day town like Kirriemuir, and its people.

“We propose the erection of a plaque with information and on the history of this location and the reason behind the name change.”

This location gets its name from the Duke of Cumberland’s overnight stay in the Gairie Inn – which is on the site.

There have been calls to make the name represent a more positive side of the town’s history.

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Councillor Jools Bell has put forward the idea of naming the street after Violet Jacob – A Scottish writer and poet, who died in Kirriemuir.

The Dundee Women’s Trail member said: “The reason I would nominate Violet Jacob is that far to women are recognised in our public spaces.

“As a feminist and member of Women For Independence, I’d love to see Violet commemorated this way as she is so highly regarded”

The British government’s historic treatment of the Highlands is moving into more mainstream public consciousness, resulting in repeated calls to remove the Duke of Sutherland statue on Ben Bhraggie due to his role in the Highland clearances.