JEREMY Vine is the latest in an ever-growing list to repeat the false (and debunked) claim that police were "digging up" Nicola Sturgeon’s garden.

The veteran broadcaster was speaking on Monday morning on Jeremy Vine, the topical debate show he co-hosts with Scottish presenter Storm Huntley on Channel 5.

Discussing recent calls for Nicola Sturgeon to quit the SNP over the investigation into her husband Peter Murrell, Vine asked: “What is the suggestion here? That a motor home was bought for someone's personal use?”

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He then added: “Or, the £600,000 is completely missing and the police had to dig up Murrell's garden?”

On April 6 – the day former SNP chief executive Peter Murrell was arrested – the Daily Mail claimed that police were digging up the garden of the couple’s home during a search of the property after officers were spotted holding shovels.

But the spades appear to have been taken from a shed the police were searching and there is no evidence that any digging took place.

The National:

Vine is just the latest to have made this false claim.

Last week, the News Agents podcast quietly changed the name of one of their latest episodes after doing exactly the same.

ViacomCBS International, which owns Channel 5, has been contacted for comment.