THE Alba Party have launched a petition to stop the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill from becoming law.

It comes just a day after the Scottish Government announced it would be taking Westminster to court after it vetoed the bill from becoming law.

According to the poll, which is available on Alba’s website, gender reform is “opposed by a majority of the people of Scotland”.

It is accompanied by a series of statistics which suggest that the majority of Scots reject the proposals made in the bill.

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Speaking to TalkTV's Julia Hartley-Brewer, the party’s general secretary Chris McEleny said: “The green tail is wagging the SNP dog and as a result the SNP are holding back the cause of independence.

“The controversial gender reforms are overwhelmingly opposed by a majority of Scots. If the Scottish Government want a showdown with Westminster then they should make it over the scandal of fuel poor Scots living in energy rich Scotland.

“It’s time for the Scottish Government to focus on issues that matter to the people of Scotland and axe their gender obsession.”

The petition itself reads: “If you agree that it’s time for the Scottish Government to focus on self-determination and spend less time obsessed with gender self-identification, sign our petition to #axethegenderbill."

The legislation intends to make it easier for trans people to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate by removing the need for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, lowering the age threshold for applications, and reducing the time applicants need to live in their acquired gender.

The bill received cross-party support at Holyrood just before Christmas with some Conservative MSPs even breaking ranks to back the legislation.

The Section 35 order had never been used to block a piece of Holyrood legislation prior to this.

The UK Government has pledged to “robustly defend” its decision to prevent the bill from becoming law.