A PLAY focused on young girls making big changes is set to tour all around Scotland.

The 50-minute-long work by award-winning Scottish writer Hannah Lavery follows Alice, Jade and Chloe on their journey to fight injustice and stand up for themselves.

Protest tells the story of Alice who is an avid runner struggling to prove her worth to others; Jade, who is slowly realising prejudices are all around her as school bullies taunt her on her history and heritage; and Chloe, who is determined to make a change in the environmental crisis, starting with the forest in her town.

Lavery said: “It felt important to write a play for young people which offered hope. We are living in such tumultuous times that can leave us all and especially young people with a sense that we have no agency to inspire and create change.

“I wanted to celebrate those young people who within their local communities, within their schools, families and friendship groups, are working to make their world a better and fairer place for us all.”

The Crown’s Kirsty MacLaren will be playing the role of Alice, while Jade will be brought to life by Tamara Fairbairn and Esmé Kingdom will be playing the role of Choe.

The play, produced by Fuel, Northern Stage, Imaginate and the National Theatre of Scotland (NTS) is aimed at children between the ages of 8 and 13.

It is scheduled to hit stages in Aberdeen, Perth, St Andrews, Shetland, Orkney, Giffnock, Cumbernauld, Edinburgh and Glasgow between April 26 and June 2.

NTS artistic director Jackie Wylie said: “We are so proud to be supporting the touring of this production, working with valued partners, Fuel, Imaginate and Northern Stage to ensure that audiences across Scotland will have the chance to experience this vital and timely production about the power of protest.”