The National:

IT seems the Tories are so asleep at the wheel that they can’t even be bothered to do a quick Wikipedia search.

Today’s daily dose of Tory fume comes from MSP Rachael Hamilton who, with seemingly nothing better to do this fine Tuesday morning, took aim at SNP MP Pete Wishart.   

Writing on Twitter, she said: “Pete Wishart is hanging on by a thread in Perth and North Perthshire with a majority of 21.

“Defensive self-doubt must be kicking in with his SNP party in turmoil and the Scottish Conservatives snapping at his heels.”

Wishart’s heels are unlikely to feel much damage though given that his majority is in fact a little bit higher than the figure suggested by Hamilton, who was in fact citing figures from 2017.

The MP for North Perthshire was happy to point this out. He said: “The Scottish Conservatives know so little about Perthshire you seem to be unaware that my majority is in fact 7750.

“That will only get bigger following Boris, Truss and your disastrous Brexit.

“People across the UK want the Tories gone. That is particularly true in Perthshire.”

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Since the seat was first created in 2005, Wishart has come out on top at every single General Election.

The Conservatives meanwhile have always come in second place.

Angus Forbes became the latest in a long line of prospective Tory MPs to fail to claim the seat back in 2019.