A CARTOON depicting Humza Yousaf, Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell on crosses has been described as “unhinged”.

Many Twitter users took to social media to condemn the work of political cartoonist Peter Brookes, who published his cartoon in The Times on Friday.

From left to right, it depicts a smiling Yousaf, Sturgeon and Murrell all on crosses wearing SNP badges.

It has the caption: “Always look on the bright side of life”.

Speaking to The National, SNP president Michael Russell said it is “as much the editorial judgement as the cartoonists work that needs to be called out”.

He added: “It illustrates the contempt that The Times at ownership and management level has for the SNP. 

“The Murdoch press is determined to be a player in politics on behalf of the British establishment rather than an authoritative reporter of what happens in Scotland.”

One social media user said that the cartoon was “worse than bad taste” while another added that it was “abhorrent, despicable and offensive”.

“Offensive in the extreme”, said a third user.

Another added that they use the word "unhinged" a lot and with "good reason", saying that the cartoon was "disgusting". 

The National previously told how another political cartoonist, Dave Brown, was condemned following a “grotesque” image depicting a decapitated Sturgeon.

That particular image was published in The Independent and referred to Sturgeon as the “Margaret Thatcher of Scotland”.

Regarding the image in The Times, one user said they did not find it “remotely funny” while somebody else said it was “vile and disgusting”.

The Times has been approached for comment on the image.

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The image comes after police left the home of Murrell and Sturgeon following a multi-day search of the couple’s property.

After the former SNP chief executive was arrested and subsequently released without charge on Wednesday, officers continued to search the house.

It is understood that all officers had left the home of the former first minister and her husband by 5pm on Thursday.