THE SNP have maintained a strong leader over Scottish Labour when it comes to Holyrood voting intentions, a new poll has found.

However, the same research by Redfield & Wilton found that, when it came to a General Election, the SNP’s lead over Labour had fallen to five points.

It found the SNP were down three points since last month, and suggested they would win 36% of the vote at the next General Election.

Labour are up two points to 31% leading to Scottish Labour’s deputy leader Jackie Baillie claiming the party was “back in business”.

When it comes to Holyrood voting intentions, the gap between the SNP and Labour is slightly bigger.

On the constituency vote, the SNP are on 38% while Labour sit at 28%. The Tories meanwhile are on 18% and the Lib Dems are on 10%.

When it comes to the regional vote, the SNP remain in the lead on 30%, Labour sit on 24%, the Tories are picking up 19% while the Lib Dems and Greens hold 13% and 11% respectively.

Polling from Survation, also released on Wednesday but conducted from March 29 to April 3 meaning it is slightly more recent, put the SNP on 40% of the Westminster vote. Labour were in second place on 32%, while the Tories were on 17%.

For the Holyrood constituency vote, Survation had the SNP on 42%, Labour on 30%, and the Tories on 18%. For the list vote, the SNP were on 35%, Labour 25%, and the Tories 18% again. 

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The poll comes following weeks of Sarwar calling for a Holyrood election all while claiming that he would have “taken” any of those vying to replace Nicola Sturgeon.

Scottish Independence 

When it comes to Scottish independence, No leads by eight points, taking 54% of the vote once the don’t knows (6%) are removed, putting Yes on 46%. 

However, the poll explains that support for Scottish independence remains “especially strong among younger Scots”, with the majorities of those aged 16-24, 25-34 and 35-44 all saying they would vote Yes. 

By contrast, only 37% of those aged 55 to 64 and 31% of those aged over 65 would vote to leave the Union. 

Survation's poll found a slightly narrower lead for No, on 53% against Yes on 47%.

Approval ratings

The research also gave the first approval rating for Humza Yousaf as First Minister. Voters gave him a net approval rating of -7.

While 23% approve, another 30% disapprove and a further 35% said they neither approve nor disapprove.

Voters were also asked about comparisons with Nicola Sturgeon with 39% saying Yousaf would make a worse leader.

The National: The poll did not make good reading for Rishi SunakThe poll did not make good reading for Rishi Sunak

Just 11% said he would be better while 32% thought the former Scottish health secretary would be about the same.

The poll did not make good reading for Rishi Sunak who received a net approval rating of -13 while Douglas Ross is on -20.

Sarwar meanwhile, sees a six-point increase in his approval rating to now stand at +10.

Asked their view on the UK Government, 61% of Scots think it is incompetent while just 39% feel the same way about the Scottish Government.