THE SNP’s youth wing is set to hold an international conference with the youth wings of progressive parties across Europe.

Young Scots for Independence (YSI) will welcome delegates to Edinburgh from April 14-16 with the aim of bringing together activists from social democratic and progressive European parties to raise awareness of Scottish independence and reaffirm the SNP’s commitment to European Union membership.

It is expected that nearly 20 international delegates will attend the conference, coming from Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Wales, Catalonia, and Poland, with additional delegates from the European Free Alliance.

The YSI’s convener, Erin Mwembo, said it would strengthen ties with countries who share Scotland’s political vision for the future.

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“The YSI is a well-known campaigning machine, with a strong history of developing policies that are important to young people,” she said.

“Sharing international best practice is an important way of strengthening our policy grounding and this conference will continue to allow us to do this.

“As the UK looks to take an increasingly narrow, exclusionary path, we seek to strengthen our links with international friends that hold the same ambition as us - to build a country, and a world, that has fairness and equality at its heart.”

Across the three days issues such as the energy crisis and green transition, the war in Ukraine and the rise of the far-right across the continent are expected to be discussed.

It will culminate in delegates signing the “Edinburgh pledge” on the landmark of Calton Hill, which will call for a continued commitment for a stronger, more democratic Europe that empowers citizens and acts on the climate crisis.

Guest speakers are set to include former SNP MP Stephen Gethins as well as Karen Adam MSP and SNP policy development convener Toni Giugliano.

The MPs Drew Hendry and Stewart McDonald are also due to speak as well as National columnist Lesley Riddoch.

International officer for the YSI, Olaf Stando, said the conference would show Scotland’s “clear commitment” to internationalism.

“Day in day out, Scotland is paying a heavy price for a Brexit that we never voted for,” he said.

“As Labour continues to fully embrace Brexit and deny the economic calamity it causes, the only route for Scotland to rejoin the EU is with independence - and countries across Europe are increasingly realising it.

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“That’s why we in the YSI have launched our historic first international conference to build on this support, show our clear commitment to internationalism, and set out a vision of what kind of Europe we would like to build together.

“Over the course of my time as International Officer, I’ve been working to establish meaningful connections with progressive parties in multiple countries.

"While this conference is merely a milestone on a longer journey, I’m honoured that 7 international delegations are joining us in Scotland. We’re very excited to build on our cooperation and ensuring Scotland’s voice is heard loud and clear.”

It is expected that nearly 20 international delegates will be in attendance.