LEWIS Capaldi has opened up about how he may have to quit music one day due to a medical condition. 

The 26-year-old singer-songwriter, who has Tourette's syndrome, spoke about how the condition affects him when he experiences strong emotions, from excitement to anxiety.

Speaking to the Sun, he said: “There are times it has been really bad and I’ve wondered whether I can continue to do this with the stress, anxiety and Tourette’s. It all comes as a direct result of doing this job.

“Before, in my life, I was OK — it was never a thing. If I was a fishmonger, I’d have been fine.

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“I’m not in control of it at all. There have been times in recent weeks on stage where it’s been really bad, but I have to just get on with it — as lots of people do with other things."

Speaking about the impact Tourette's could have on his future, Lewis added: "If it got to a point where my quality of life was drastically diminished, I’d just have to quit.

“I just have to take it as it comes for the next couple of years, and hopefully it settles a bit.”

He also admitted that he even has people thinking he is using drugs when he experiences tics. 

He said: "The truth is, I’m not banging loads of gear down. This isn’t drugs, and I’ve had that accusation on nights out.

"People have asked me directly, ‘Are you on drugs, is it cocaine?’ and I saw a few tweets knocking around after shows with people saying ‘He’s on drugs’ — and that wasn’t the case.

“If you think I’m going to take drugs and then come out on stage in front of 15,000 and then try to do a show — I mean, obviously, I wait until afterwards. That’s a joke.”