SNP MSP Karen Adam has said that Scottish independence is “not an abstract idea” as she outlined her vision for what Scotland might look like if it left the Union.

It comes after Humza Yousaf appointed Jamie Hepburn as a minister for independence.

Appearing on BBC Debate Night, Adam, who serves as the MSP for Banffshire and Buchan Coast, outlined what she wants an independent Scotland to look like.

She said that it was down to SNP members, activists and the Yes movement to get out, “knock on doors” and talk to people to build up a “consensus for independence”.

Adam continued: “It’s not an abstract idea. And that’s what we need to be getting across to people is what does independence actually truly mean for Scotland.

“It’s not independence for independence sake. It’s independence because we want more powers here.

“We want full devolved powers in our own country so we can make full decisions for ourselves.”

The MSP continued to say that this would look like “progress, equality and human rights”.

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“It looks like building a country on the foundation of human rights and a health and wellbeing economy and embracing renewables, rewilding.

“Having conversations about these things to see how far we can go in Scotland to protect our country but also ensure that it’s the people that are having a say on it.”

Yousaf pledged to create the minister for independence position during his leadership campaign and did so on Wednesday after the full Cabinet was announced.

Reports suggest that Hepburn’s role will largely be in the back corridors of power, helping to co-ordinate work on independence across the administration.

Scotland’s new First Minister will face MSPs for the first time at FMQs on Thursday afternoon.

All key positions have now been filled with Michael Matheson succeeding Yousaf as Health Secretary while Jenny Gilruth takes over as Education Secretary.