WITH Nicola Sturgeon set to officialy resign and Humza Yousaf all but certain to take over as first minister, there has been much speculation about what a potential new Cabinet might look like.

Following the news of Sturgeon’s resignation, her deputy John Swinney also confirmed that he would be stepping down from his role after almost 16 years in government.

Given he will no longer be responsible for health and he needs a new deputy, that already leaves two major roles for Yousaf to fill.

We’ve rounded up some of the potential candidates who could replace Swinney.  

Neil Gray

Gray currently works as a minister in the culture and external affairs department and served as Yousaf’s campaign manager on his road to victory in the SNP leadership race.

He is currently the MSP for Airdrie and Shotts having previously been the MP for the same area.

The National: Neil Gray worked as Humza Yousaf's campaign managerNeil Gray worked as Humza Yousaf's campaign manager (Image: PA)

Gray has himself been tipped as a potential future first minister although he ruled himself out of the latest contest early on.

Yousaf has called Gray “the best corner man I could have asked for” so it is likely he will be given a prominent position when the time comes.

Angus Robertson

Robertson serves as Gray’s boss and cited family as one of the main reasons he did not run to be leader of his party.

He previously led the SNP in Westminster was an MP for Moray up until 2017. The 53-year-old now works as the MSP for Edinburgh Central.

The National: Angus Robertson ruled himself out of the SNP leadership contestAngus Robertson ruled himself out of the SNP leadership contest (Image: File photo)

It might be that the names in a new Cabinet don’t change but that people find themselves in a new role.

Were Robertson, who backed Yousaf in the race, to be named as Swinney’s successor, could Gray move up within the department and take over from his boss?

Shona Robison

Robison has also been touted as a potential deputy first minister. She serves as the MSP for Dundee City East, the area where Yousaf lives.

The National: Could Shona Robison be the next deputy FM? Could Shona Robison be the next deputy FM?

She currently serves as the Social Justice Secretary having previously held a role as minister for public health and sport.

Yousaf has said that Robison’s “wise counsel has been indispensable” as she was given a mention in his victory speech.

Màiri McAllan

The National: Mairi McAllan

Aged 30, McAllan serves as a minister for the environment and, like Gray, gave Yousaf her backing throughout the leadership election.

She serves as the MSP for Clydesdale and might expect a promotion from her junior ministerial role.

However, there are a number of positions likely needing to be filled and Yousaf still has to decide what he will do with Kate Forbes who is the current Finance Secretary.