PEOPLE across Scotland have been reacting after Humza Yousaf was named as the SNP leader this afternoon.

Politicians, cultural figures, celebrities, academics and journalists have all been sharing their opinions on what this could mean for Scottish politics.

The political response

SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn said the election of Yousaf was a “historic moment” and is looking forward to "working closely with him to deliver on the priorities for the people of Scotland".

Outgoing deputy first minister and Yousaf backer John Swinney said he looked forward to supporting him from the backbenches. 

He said:  "I am delighted that Humza Yousaf has been selected to lead our party and country.

"Humza has significant experience as a government minister and has campaigned impressively during this leadership contest.

"I also welcome the fact that Humza's election will see the role of First Minister being held for the first time by an individual from an ethnic minority background. This is a significant moment for our country. 

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"I look forward to supporting his government from the backbenches."

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross congratulated Yousaf on becoming the first leader of his party from an ethnic minority but said he had “serious concerns” about his ability and that he hoped he does not “lurch from failure to failure as he did when he was Nicola Sturgeon’s health secretary, justice secretary and transport minister”.

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar said he questioned Yousaf’s mandate and the SNP’s record, but added it was “important to reflect on the election of what will be the first, first minister, from an ethnic minority background”. He called it a “significant moment” for Scotland.

Sarwar added: “But while Scotland faces the twin crises of the cost of living and the NHS emergency, it is clear the SNP does not have the answers Scotland needs.”

Alba leader and former first minister Alex Salmond also congratulated Yousaf and encouraged him to deliver “Alba policies”.

He said: “Humza pledged if elected, to deliver many ALBA Party policies, such as: increasing the Scottish Child Payment - which we have highlighted must be increased to £40 per week in order that Scotland addresses adequately the scourge of Child Poverty; he has committed to a policy which takes the Scottish Government towards funding our call to provide free sports facilities for all young people; he has backed our call for free school meals for all; and he has adopted ALBA’s position that all offshore wind projects must have a public stake in them.

“As First Minister, it is now his job to deliver these policies and we will support him in doing so.

"Continuity won’t cut it."

SNP MP John Nicolson said Yousaf delivered a “lovely speech” as he praised Scotland’s progressiveness.

He said: “A couple of years ago 3/4 leaders of Scotland’s main political parties were form the LGBT community.

“Today 2/3 of the leaders of Scotland’s biggest political parties are Muslim. Much to be proud of in our democracy. A lovely speech by @HumzaYousaf. Warmest congratulations to him.”

Elsewhere, Joanna Cherry, who was backing Regan in the contest, congratulated Yousaf but said that she was looking forward to his “promised bigger tent approach to leadership, an improved approach to policy development & renewed commitment to the cause of #indy”.

“Congrats to Ash & Kate for invigorating the debate”, she added.

Former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale - who is now director at the John Smith Centre - said she was "delighted" to see Yousaf clinch victory.

She said on Twitter: "For years Humza has worked with the @JohnSmithCentre in very practical and meaningful ways to pull down the barriers marginalised young people face accessing public life. We are delighted to see him elevated today."

Celebrities and artists

Scottish independence supporter Alan Cumming took to Instagram to congratulate Yousaf, who he previously said he was backing.

He said: “Phew! And hooray! Now onwards and upwards.”

The National: Alan Cumming expressed relief at Yousaf being named SNP leader Alan Cumming expressed relief at Yousaf being named SNP leader (Image: Photo by Allison Dinner/Invision/AP))

Elsewhere, singer Iona Fyfe also congratulated the new leader.

She wrote on her Twitter: “Congratulations to @HumzaYousaf on becoming the first person of colour and first Muslim to hold the office of First Minister of Scotland.
“A historic day for Scotland. Progressiveness has won today.”

Columnists and journalists

National columnist and independence campaigner Lesley Riddoch congratulated Yousaf but said that “lessons should be learned”.

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“SNP needs genuine policy debate, internal democracy, boldness in rebuttal and better public communications. Good to hear of grassroots indy campaign – but needs resources & involvement by new leader.

The trade union movement 

STUC General Secretary Roz Foyer said: “We welcome Humza Yousaf to his post and look forward to working with them on behalf of Scotland’s workers. During the campaign, Humza made clear commitments to our movement on tax proposals, the national care service and the cost-of-living crisis.

“We look forward to seeing those delivered and would invite the First Minister to meet with the STUC as soon as possible, recommitting their support for our movement and workers across Scotland. 

“This past year has shown the strength of working people standing united to improve their terms and conditions during this cost-of-living crisis. Under their new leadership, the First Minister has a choice: they can continue to work with the STUC to embed Fair Work and positive industrial relations that deliver for working people across Scotland or they can choose a different path. We would invite them to choose the former."

The SNP Trade Union Group said: "This a hugely significant moment for Humza and his family, for the South Asian community in Scotland and beyond, and for the nation as a whole.

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"Throughout the leadership campaign, Humza has championed progressive policies on social and economic issues. 

"We will be looking to support and resource that agenda. Part of that also entails holding the new leadership to account in a constructive and collegial way. We will be seeking a meeting with Humza Yousaf as soon as practicable.

"It is important to recognise that leadership creates the opportunity for a triple re-set for the SNP as a party of government – democratising its own governance and policy making, modelling better and bolder use of limited devolved powers, and making a new offer to Scotland of a better nation with the full powers that only independence can bring.

"Our immediate concerns are to press for reforms on tax, land and assets. These have been well-articulated by the STUC, who along with the trade union movement across Scotland should be a major partner with government in shaping a fresh economic approach."