GOOGLE has moved to completely blur out a Scottish man who appeared on its Maps feature flashing his penis.

At first, the man’s face and his car number plate were blurred out, but eagle-eyed social media users spotted that his penis was visible.

The man is sat in a blue Peugeot down a dead end road in Aberdeen.

TikTok user @ryan.mossman alerted his followers to the unusual Google Maps image.

He directed people to search for the address, send the cursor around the corner, and find the car parked on double yellow lines.

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Mossman said: “I can’t show this part on TikTok unfortunately, but once you’ve done that all you have to do is zoom in on the driver side window, and then just have a good laugh.”

The man was seen with his phone in one hand and his penis exposed. However, Google has now blurred the entire area, meaning it cannot be seen.

It comes after another Google Maps incident from 2021, which saw people looking up the famous Loch Ness instead be shown a selfie of a naked man standing on a terrace outside an apartment.