STEPHEN Flynn has fired a jibe at a former Tory leader after he was mistakenly corrected by the Speaker in the Commons.

The SNP’s Westminster leader referred to rumours three former Tory leaders were planning to vote against the Government’s new Brexit deal for Northern Ireland, the so-called Windsor Framework.

He was interrupted by jeers from the Tory benches when Theresa May rose to say she would be backing the deal.

Speaker Lindsay Hoyle said: “Just to help everybody, I understand it's two.”

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But Flynn had been referring to reports Boris Johnson, Liz Truss and Iain Duncan-Smith – who led the party from 2001-2003 – would rebel against Rishi Sunak.

The National:

Flynn responded to a tweet summarising the exchange, quipping: “Trying their hardest to forget about IDS, understandable.”

A number of Tory MPs are expected to rebel against Rishi Sunak’s deal, which goes to a vote in the Commons on Wednesday.

Flynn also urged the Prime Minister and the Labour Party to accept that "Brexit can’t work" ahead of the vote. 

He said: "What worries the Prime Minister most about Brexit right now? Is it the likely 4% hit to UK productivity or is it three former Tory leaders planning to vote down his deal this afternoon?”

Sunak responded that the Windsor Framework represented a "a good deal for the people and families and businesses of Northern Ireland". 

It is expected to pass nonetheless because it is supported by Labour – but a rebellion led by his predecessors would be politically embarrassing for the Prime Minister.

The deal sparked outrage from the SNP because it gives Northern Ireland access to the Single Market and have demanded a similar arrangement is made for Scotland.