The National:

NICOLA Sturgeon joked that she had been left “mortified” by her outfit choice on Loose Women after realising it was the same one she wore during her resignation speech.

The First Minister appeared on the STV show where, shortly before she walked onto the set, a clip played of her announcing her intention to step down from her role at a press conference in Bute House.

“I’m mortified by the way. I’m utterly mortified”, Sturgeon said as she sat down.

It didn’t seem anybody had quite noticed though as all four panelists asked the First Minister what she meant.

Sturgeon explained: “I was watching that clip from my resignation speech off stage. I’m wearing the same jacket today.

"We love recycling," one panelist replied. 

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“Have I got time to go and change”, she joked.

During her appearance on the show, Sturgeon discussed a range of topics from the things she was most proud of as First Minister and the recent row over SNP membership.

She was also asked if she would take a similar route to former health secretary Matt Hancock, who was fiercely criticised for his decision to appear on I’m A Celebrity.

Sturgeon said she would absolutely not follow suit and joked that she wanted to be held to account on that.

She added that Strictly Come Dancing was also out of the question and that she couldn’t cook so that meant we won’t be seeing the outgoing SNP leader on The Great British Bake Off anytime soon either.

Before signing off though, she joked that she would maybe “consider” being part of Loose Women.