THE SNP have blasted the UK Government’s changes to pensions – saying the Tories’ plans are designed to “keep the rich rich”.

The Chancellor announced in his spring Budget he would scrap the lifetime allowance on pensions which allows workers to save up to £1.073 million tax-free.

It means there will be no charge on money saved over that amount from April – in a move the Government justified as an attempt to stem the numbers of people taking early retirement.

Only a select few high-earners make enough to be affected, with the SNP saying the change would only benefit around 1% of pensioners.

The party’s social justice spokesperson David Linden claimed the decision would “only benefit the richest in our society”.

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He said: “This latest budget is just another example of a Tory-made keep the rich rich scheme.

“The decision to abolish the lifetime pension allowance will only benefit the richest in our society.

“Meanwhile, decisions which would actually help working class households – like reducing energy bills, maintaining the energy bill support scheme, failing to scrap the benefits cap or two cap – have all been completely ignored.

“However, this is what we’ve come to expect from this outdated, redundant, corrupt UK government.

“Scotland is an energy-rich country with an abundance of potential, but while under Westminster control we continue to fall behind our G7 counterparts leaving our economy in dire straits.

“The SNP will continue to do everything we can to support households across Scotland, but only with the full fiscal powers independence will bring can we deliver the real change people need to tackle this Tory-made cost of living crisis.”