NICOLA Sturgeon has said that she “couldn’t have done her job” without the support of BSL interpreters as Holyrood marked sign language week.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the First Minister was consistently joined by British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters during her daily updates.

At FMQs on Thursday, Sturgeon was asked by Scottish Tory MSP Jamie Greene if she and the parliament would join him in helping to “promote and education people about BSL”.

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Signing part of his question, Greene repeated it in spoken English, adding: “And in doing so encourage more people to start learning this beautiful, unique and visual language, so we can truly protect and preserve BSL for many future generations to come.

“Will she also join me in thanking the many interpreters in this Parliament who help us?”

The FM, signing back at Greene as she stood up in the Holyrood chamber, replied that she agreed and would echo Greene’s comments “entirely”.

She said: “BSL is a distinctive language in its own right. It is a beautiful language and visually distinctive as the member has said, and I'm proud that this parliament has recognised the status of it and that is absolutely appropriate.

“I think we could all do more to raise awareness of it, perhaps we could all do more to learn the language and perhaps now that I might have a bit more time that's a commitment I'm prepared to make here today.”

The First Minister added that without BSL interpreters she “couldn't have done my job over the past few years”.

She added: “Everybody will recall during the Covid briefings the BSL interpreters that were there present with me every single day.

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“They were crucial in making sure that we were able to communicate properly and fully the public health messages that were so essential in the country during that time.

“So that's just one example of the value of BSL.

“I want to thank them for that, for all users of the language interpreters or the language and let us all make resolutions that we will be more to raise awareness of it for the interests of the inclusive country that we all want to be.”

We previously told how SNP MSP Karen Adam became the first person to swear the oath in Holyrood in BSL after the 2021 election.