IT is "unacceptable" Gary Lineker compared Suella Braverman "to the third Reich" and must consider whether to leave his post, a former BBC editorial policy controller has said.

The BBC reported this morning that Richard Ayre said Lineker had a choice to make over "whether to stay or leave" and become a "social media influencer" after he tore into the UK Government's Illlegal Migration Bill.

The Tories' plans to ban people arriving in the UK illeglally from ever claiming asylum which has been met with fierce criticism .

Meanwhile, former BBC News director Richard Sambrook said it was "daft that a sports presenter's tweet has led BBC News all day rather than the real issues". The BBC has chosen not to quote Sambrook in its report.

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In a lengthy Twitter thread, Sambrook said: "I think it's become unsustainable for the BBC to force freelance presenters to fall in line with BBC policies in their non-BBC activities in current environment, which means the BBC needs to review and clarify its contractual relationship with freelance staff - and clarify to what extent impartiality rules extend beyond news."

The Match of the Day host said the asylum proposals were "not dissimilar to that used by Germany in the 30s" having already tweeted "Good heavens, this is beyond awful" as he cited the new legislation. 

After the BBC said the former England footballer would be "spoken to", he tweeted: "I'll continue to try and speak up for those poor souls that have no choice."

Ayre, who was also a member of the broadcasting regulator Ofcom's content board, said it was "unacceptable" to have a member of the BBC family "comparing Suella Braverman to the third Reich".

Amnesty International has already warned that the Government's plans are a “recipe for more injustice”.

The new legislation will see a duty placed on the Home Secretary to remove, “as soon as reasonably practicable”, anyone who arrives on a small boat, either to Rwanda or a “safe third country”.

Conservative Party deputy chairman and recently announced GB news presenter Lee Anderson said Lineker was “out of touch” and that he should stick to football.