A MAKE-UP mogul, a pioneering software company and an entrepreneur are among the Scots and Scottish businesses being honoured in the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Every year the business magazine highlights the achievements of young people across the world from various disciplines, including athletes, entrepreneurs, artists, influencers and activists.

This year, numerous Scots have made the cut and are being congratulated on their success.

Glasgow resident Jamie Genevieve Grant, 29, was celebrated in the retail and e-commerce category for the growth of her vegan and cruelty free make-up brand VIEVE.

After accruing by success posting make-up tutorials online while working on a beauty counter in Debenhams and gaining more than a million followers, Grant started her own make-up company five years ago.

Celebrating the news on Instagram, she said the recognition was a “dream come true”.

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She said: “Almost five years ago, I was sitting in a Starbucks in Glasgow Airport having one of the very first VIEVE meeting and I was asked by my colleague what goals I had for myself in the world of business.

“I started to speak and actually stopped myself because I thought it sounded so ridiculous, but with gentle encouragement I said ‘I would love to be in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list’.

“Makes me want to cry, thinking what that Jamie from 5 years ago would think seeing everything that has been accomplished today!

“What a huge dream come true.”

Elsewhere, Edinburgh-based data and software company PlayerData were honoured in the technology category.

Co-founded by Hayden Ball and Roy Hotrabhvanon in 2017, the company uses sensor data and GPS tracking software to help athletes train better.

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The company was born when Hotrabhvanon used sensor data to train for archery. But after nearly reaching the 2016 Olympics, his dream was cut short due a car accident.

Based out of an office on George Street, the company’s software is now used by more than 500 clubs and 18,000 athletes, providing coaches with data on their players performance within just 3 minutes.

Ball and Hotrabhvanon said: "We're incredibly proud to have made it onto the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

"Having taken PlayerData from just an idea and a desire to break the status quo, to building a community of over 18,000 athletes and 500+ teams, is truly humbling.

"This wouldn't have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our incredible team at PlayerData who have supported us in our journey, challenged us to push harder, and enabled us to stay true to our goals." 

Entrepreneur Robbie Tolson was also given plaudits in the social impact category.

His award-winning social enterprise operating out of Edinburgh, Turn the Tables, began as a volunteer-run health and wellbeing service.

It’s goal is to empower people who have experienced homelessness through DJ workshops, live performances and even studio recording opportunities.

Tolson described DJing as an “uptapped giant” that has the potential to improve thousands of lives.

He said: “DJing helped me get over losing my friend in such tragic circumstances and I have been able to achieve far more than I ever expected to with Turn The Tables and I truly believe there are thousands of people who need that experience too,” he said.

“The thing about DJing, unlike most instruments or art forms, to perform live and at a high level is fairly straightforward, yes you need to be dedicated to learn and a platform like ours to provide opportunities. But DJing is an untapped giant, waiting to have a big impact in the world of social impact.”

Previous Scots honourees in the 30 Under 30 list include hitmaker DJ Calvin Harris and tennis star Andy Murray.