A GLASGOW teacher has been struck off after mocking and grabbing pupils at an additional needs school.

Derek Leslie was employed as a principal teacher at the school in Glasgow's Linn Park when the allegations occurred in 2019.

A hearing before the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) heard the educator had roughly handled a pupil, known only as pupil J, by grabbing and dragging him.

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He was also found to have mocked pupils by telling them they wouldn't "amount to anything" and saying it was "no wonder" they weren't attending "mainstream" school.

Another pupil was also left upset after Leslie told him: "You think you’ve had a hard life? You know nothing about it."

He also repeatedly referred to the same child, known as pupil D, by the wrong name which caused the school child to become upset.

Meanwhile, a child, known as pupil L, was shouted at and grabbed by his t-shirt, dragged and thrown to the side after he was told by a teacher to fetch more milk.

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When the pupil upturned a chair, Leslie shouted that he needed to "calm down" before grabbing both of his wrists, dragging him across the room and holding him to the floor by his wrists.

It resulted in the pupil becoming distressed.

As previously reported in the Glasgow Times, a hearing into the teacher's conduct began late last year before the final decision was made earlier this year.

Leslie will have to wait two years before applying to rejoin the register, however, the GTCS noted a further application was unlikely given he had since retired.