Rachel plays at the Glad Café in Glasgow on Monday, March 6, Thursday 8 and Thursday 16. You can also see her in July when she plays at the Belladrum Festival near Inverness

Best Beach
So many places spring to mind, but the first one is Achnahaird, north of Ullapool. If you haven’t been there’s a treat in store for you. Even in that one area there are so many I could choose, but I’ve had so many beautiful holidays and camping trips at Achnahaird. I think the camping site has moved now, but having that opportunity to spend more time at the beach than a day trip means you can really experience it.

Best Building 
It has to be Carrbridge Village Hall. It’s where I was brought up and if you recall it starred in Monarch of the Glen as the local village hall. It’s a beautiful, traditional old hall that is at the centre of the community. I can even recall the scent of it. If people are familiar with the name it’s probably because it’s the venue for the World Porridge Making Championships every year – the place where the Golden Spurtle is presented!

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Best Street
We recently moved and I love this street, but I probably shouldn’t tell people where I live! I think I’ll choose a favourite road instead and it’s the famous Calum’s Road, the single track road that runs the while length of Raasay. It has a great history too, being pretty much built single-handedly by one man, Calum McLeod. It’s in my mind because I recently got to drive on it for the first time but there has also been a lovely tune written about it.
Best Childhood Memory
I remember wandering through the pine forests around Carrbridge on my own as a child. Particularly in summer when it’s warm and it smells of pine and it’s extremely beautiful. The sun through the trees and that particular smell of pine – that’s a precious childhood memory. There were a few wasps’ nests stood so it wasn’t without its challenges but it was lovely. Being on my own wasn’t anything out of the ordinary – I hope that my daughter gets the opportunity to experience times like that.

The National:
Best Walk or Cycle
My favourite walk is on Skye. There’s a beach called Camasunary, and we would take the simple and easy walk from the road to Elgol to Camasunary Bay. It’s a rolling walk but extremely easy. When we walked it as children on family holidays, it always felt like there were adventures along the whole length of that walk.

Best View
To say that we’re spoiled for choice in Scotland is an understatement so it’s a difficult choice. However, I think that pretty much any view in the Cairngorms is a favourite of mine. Specifically around Aviemore, I can place myself anywhere in that landscape and the views are spectacular.

Best Shop
There’s a Buddhist Monastery in the Borders, on the River Esk, called Kagyu Samye Ling. Also there is a little tearoom and a shop there which has gorgeous trinkets from Nepal and also Dharma Buddhist books. It always smells lovely. When I lived there for a while there were lovely nuns who ran the shop. The tearoom and shop aren’t always open so check before you visit.

Best Scottish Delicacy
When I was growing up I worked on a burger van, which sold Tomintoul venison. I don’t eat much meat, but when I do it has to be local. Venison in Scotland is abundant and I can therefore be more on board with it, in an ethical sense. However, Tomintoul venison is also absolutely delicious, so it has that benefit, as well as the memories of the burger van!

Best Place for a Cuppa
Leading on from my Buddhist shop, there’s a place called the Himalaya Café, which I love. It’s a Tibetan café and is near the Meadows on South Clerk Street in Edinburgh. It’s managed by a beautiful woman called Reka, who is always there and such a big part of the café.

Best Place for Some Alone Time
For me, that’s anywhere that’s anywhere nature-based and particularly in forests. In particular though, I think I’ll return to the Cairngorms for this though. The walk from Glenmore to the Green Loch is particularly special for that time to think and be alone among nature.