AN anti-abortion group have threatened to block access to a sexual health clinic in Glasgow.

Niall Fraser, a member of the Scottish Family Party threatened to “brick up” the Sandyford sexual health clinic in Glasgow while appearing on a livestream with the party’s leader Richard Lucas.

Fraser appeared to cite the clinic’s transgender services as a reason for the threat.

He said: “On March 11 at 11am we are going to be protesting this horrific building.

“The plan is to brick it up. How do we stop kids entering the building? We have to block the entrance.

“We are going to impede people getting in to the building.”

Lucas, a former member of UKIP, then said that the party would make its “feelings known”. He added: “There are some valid forms of healthcare at Sandyford, but an awful lot of it is not - and we are going to make our feelings known.”

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Fraser then goes on to state that he is willing to “do time” for the stunt.

“We need people of the resistance - a symbol that we are not going to take it anymore,” he said.

“I’m willing to do time for it. I won’t have Scottish kids, on an industrial scale pumped full of hormones, confused and ultimately abandoned after they go through this process. It is such a sick, disturbing situation.

“I am willing to do time for it if the police think that bricking the building up is a step too far.”

It comes as anti-abortion group 40 Days for Life continue to protest outside of medical facilities which provide abortion services in Scotland.

Scottish Green MSP Gillian Mackay is introducing a member’s bill to the Scottish Parliament which would impose protest buffer zones around these facilities, with the aim of protecting service users from harassment.

She said that the comments from the Scottish Family Party were “disgusting”.

"This is a disgraceful and disgusting new low from an increasingly extreme group that masquerades as a political party. It has no place in a kind, caring and progressive Scotland.

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"They are showing a total contempt for the safety, rights and wellbeing of service users and staff. It is intimidation and harassment, and it needs to be stopped. I have contacted Police Scotland and asked them to urgently investigate.

“It also underlines exactly why we need to introduce buffer zones, to ensure that everyone can access reproductive healthcare without fear of obstruction.”

It comes after a Conservative MSP called on the Scottish Government to “investigate what has happened and is continuing to take place at the Sandyford Clinic in Glasgow” with regard to gender identity services following the closure of the Tavistock clinic in England.