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IT’S never pleasant getting off a plane only to be met with a long cold wait for a lift.

So when SNP MP John Nicolson was left waiting by the BBC in a bus shelter at Edinburgh airport he took to social media to let the world know of his travel woes.

The party’s Westminster shadow culture secretary was due to be picked up to take part in the broadcaster’s Debate Night.

But he tweeted forlornly: “BBC car hasnae turned up - almost certainly an anti-nationalist conspiracy to leave me shivering in the airport car park”.

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Clearly bored, he passed the time by also posting a video filmed in the car park’s bus shelters.

“So here we are in Edinburgh, all glam, the BBC car hasn’t arrived which is obviously an anti-nationalist conspiracy,” he said.

“I find myself sitting on this damp bench trying to work out if I can get an Uber from here to Glenrothes.”

His impromptu travel vlog continued as he pointed out some of the highlights of Edinburgh airport, with the camera panning round to some grey concrete buildings.

“I think the architects have done a stunning job there,” he deadpanned.

At the time of The Jouker writing, Nicolson had not yet provided an update on whether he was still stranded.

However some Twitter users pointed out there was an easy solution to his transport problems.

One said: “Get a tram to the train station!”