CAMPAIGN groups projected the messages “Stop Rosebank” and “Fossil Fuels are killing us” onto an oil rig in Dundee.

The message, sent by Stop Rosebank and Extinction Rebellion Dundee, could be seen on the Valaris 121 oil rig in Dundee harbour to demand the end of oil drilling in the North Sea.

An open letter has also been sent to Rishi Sunak and Grant Shapps asking the government not to allow development of the Rosebank oil field.

The letter was signed by 200 organisations, including Greenpeace, Oxfam, the RSPB as well as Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle.

Norwegian company Equinor is applying to open the Rosebank oilfield off the coast of Shetland.

The National: Campaign groups protested against plans for the Rosebank oil fieldCampaign groups protested against plans for the Rosebank oil field (Image: Extinction Rebellion Dundee)

Extinction Rebellion Dundee claim it will produce more CO2 annually than 700 million people will globally.

The group also made reference to the fact that climate change has in part been blamed for food shortages hitting shops across the country right now.

Supermarkets have been called to a crisis meeting with Food Minister Mark Spencer to discuss the ongoing situation.

On Monday, Lidl became the latest store to limit the number of fruit and vegetables customers could buy.

Spencer said that the shortages were due to “recent poor weather in north Africa”.

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Vanessa Nakate, a Ugandan Unicef ambassador said: “The need to end our global addiction to fossil fuels is crystal clear, yet if the UK Government approves Rosebank, it will keep pumping out oil until 2051.

“The UK needs to take responsibility, care about people around the world who are already living with the climate crisis and protect young people and generations to come who will have to face the consequences of these decisions. It must reject Rosebank.”

A UK Government spokesperson said: “The UK is leading the world on climate change and our British Energy Security Strategy sets out our plan to supercharge our domestic renewable energy and nuclear capacity, as well as supporting our North Sea oil and gas industry as we transition to lower carbon energy.   

“No decision has yet been made regarding the proposed Rosebank field and development proposals for oil fields under existing licences are a matter for the regulators, who consider the impact on the environment when making their judgment.”