REGIONAL assemblies on how to win independence will be set up for SNP members across Scotland if Humza Yousaf is elected party leader, he has announced. 

Appearing at campaign event in Dundee, Yousaf laid out his plan for deciding the path ahead for Scottish independence.

He told supporters that the setting up of regional assemblies will help the party decide upon a “collective plan” at the next annual party conference and “kickstart” the Yes campaign.

Yousaf was joined by Shona Robison MSP, Joe FitzPatrick MSP, Stewart Hosie MP, Dundee City Councillors, and party supporters at Dundee’s V&A museum Esplanade on Saturday afternoon.

“Let me be clear, determining the route to independence will not simply be a single discussion at one special conference,” he will tell attendees.

“Rather, it should involve a series of honest and frank discussions with members across the country to establish our route to an independent Scotland.

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“The only way we can counteract the anti-democratic actions of Westminster is through more democracy, embedded all across our society - including our party.

“Within my first week as SNP Leader, I will immediately set up regional assemblies across Scotland to build on the discussions of all our members and branches on how to win independence.

“This will allow our party to decide our collective plan for independence at annual conference and, as your SNP leader, I will act upon the collective and democratic decisions of our members.

"I will kickstart the Yes campaign - ensuring our activists are reinvigorated and more energised than ever before against a Tory cost of living crisis and a Westminster government that has mounted a full-frontal power grab on Scotland’s Parliament.

“We must tap into the wealth of views, knowledge and experience at our disposal to unlock the best route forward, engaging with civil society who so richly energised our campaign in 2014.

“So today I am committing to you that I will push forward that campaign to the level of engagement and activism we saw in the lead up to 2014.

“We will build on the platform of historic levels of sustained support for independence that has been left to us by Nicola and we will go further.

The Health Secretary also commited to exploring how the SNP can have a larger presence in Europe, with the goal of easing Scotland’s re-entry into the EU post-independence.

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He said: “I am a passionate believer of an independent Scotland re-joining the EU as quickly as practically possible. To that end, I will aim to establish an SNP presence in Brussels to help lay the groundwork for Scotland being a member of the European family of nations.

"Our movement now, more than ever, needs strong and experienced leadership to step up to the plate and take the case for independence to the doorsteps of people across Scotland.

“We need someone who can grow support for our movement and I believe I am that candidate.”

It comes as former SNP MSP and Scottish Government minister Alex Neil accuses Yousaf of not telling the truth about missing a key vote on equal marriage.