MSPs were united as they marked a year since the outbreak of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine.

The Scottish Parliament held a debate on Thursday to mark Russia’s invasion on February 24, 2022.

The Government motion, which was supported by all parties, condemned “in the strongest possible terms the illegal Russian war against Ukraine”.

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Tens of thousands of people have died as a result of the conflict and around 17 million people are currently displaced, either within Ukraine or as refugees across Europe.

A year on, the war is raging unabated with further offensives expected over the coming months.

Neil Gray, the Scottish Government minister for Ukrainian refugees, announced an additional £1 million in humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

He said: “It’s now almost a year since Russian troops swarmed across Ukraine’s borders in what was a brutal, unprovoked invasion against a peaceful neighbour.

“Today’s debate gives us the opportunity to stand together united as we pause and reflect on the impact the past year has had on the people of Ukraine. Including the brave soldiers who continue to fight daily for their country, their people, their culture, and heritage.”

Gray said those in the Russian government and military must be held responsible for atrocities they have committed.

Tory MSP Donald Cameron said Ukrainians staying in Scotland are not refugees, adding: “We’re simply a staging post before they go home.

“The slings and arrows of domestic politics, the cut and thrust of everyday debate in this chamber – none of that matters today.

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“The Scottish Parliament, like parliaments around the world, send a message of hope to Ukraine.”

Labour’s Sarah Boyack noted that it is rare for all parties at Holyrood to support a Government motion without any amendments.

She said: “Ukrainians suffered a cruel and unjustifiable attack and the whole world witnessed it.”

However, she pressed the Scottish Government to do more to help Ukrainians in Scotland, saying: “There’s a bit more that we could be doing.”

Andrii Kuslii, Ukraine’s head of consulate in Edinburgh, attended the debate in the public gallery and was applauded by MSPs.

MSPs unanimously agreed to a Scottish Government motion condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.