HOME Secretary Suella Braverman has said that Britain can be “a bit shy about our greatness” in an interview with GB News.

In an interview with Liam Halligan, Braverman touched on a number of topics, including her family, migration and the recent far-right protests across the country.

She explained how her parents, who moved to the UK from Kenya and Mauritius, inspired her “appreciation and love of Britain and British values”.

Halligan then asked the Home Secretary if those values are “taken for granted”, citing “opportunity, freedom and rule of law” as examples of what the UK represents.

Braverman responded: “I think there is a tendency to apologise for what Britain did for the world historically and be a bit shy about our greatness looking forward.

“I’m very optimistic about our future. I believe in the genius of Britain, what Britain has brought to civilisation, to culture, to science, to statecraft and I believe those are great foundations which will set us up well for the future but also emulated around the world.”

Braverman continued to explain how her father was unemployed for a period of the 1990s, which ultimately informed her political choices.

She added: “I think the combination of being proud of Britain and our traditions and the value of aspiration and hard-work have made me a Conservative.”

Braverman was also asked about the current row over the Northern Ireland protocol which has seen a Tory rebellion brewing.

The UK Government is in talks with the EU about making changes to the protocol with Rishi Sunak holding overnight talks with the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

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She said: “I’ve taken a very forthright position in the past because I’ve found the terms of previous agreements intolerable.

“I don’t support selling out on Northern Ireland and allowing the EU a foothold in the United Kingdom.

“It’s absolutely vital that we safeguard what we’ve gained from the Brexit vote, that we go forward as a United Kingdom where the integrity of our Union is safeguarded and we properly take back control.

“I know the Prime Minister shares that objective.”