THE 1975 singer Matty Healy has provoked backlash from fans after a number of inflammatory remarks were made during a recent podcast.

The English pop singer appeared on The Adam Friedland Show on Friday with comedians and hosts Friedland and Nick Mullen.

During the show, the group made several comments and impressions about Scottish, Japanese, Chinese and Hawaiian people.

The three men also made jokes about women.

Talking about periods, Friedland said: “It’s so funny that woman get f***ed up by the moon.

“Meanwhile we went there – men!”

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Healy laughed before saying “F*** yeah, f***ing too right!”

Later in the podcast, the hosts start discussing Scots, appearing to confuse it with the Scottish accent.

Healy described Scotland as a “sick place with cool people” as he brought up the 2007 Glasgow Airport attack.

Healy then attempts a Scottish accent of the man who helped stop the attacker.

“It’s actually not English, they actually have a Wikipedia that’s in Scots," one of the hosts said.

“There’s Scottish Gaelic but Scottish is its own language which is just retard English.”

The National: Matt Healy is under fire for mocking the Scots language Matt Healy is under fire for mocking the Scots language

The host then attempted a Scottish accent, before saying of the Wikipedia page: “Everything is just spelt wrong. It’s just illiterate.”

Healy said: “That’s just like medieval speak. Is this for people who like meet up and dress up …”

He then asked: “There’s not a person who can read English who can read that, who’s that for?”

One of the hosts answered: “It’s for Scottish people.”

At one point in the podcast, Healy mentions American rapper Ice Spice who he said he had messaged on Instagram.

The group then referred to her as Hawaiian, Innuit and Chinese before mocking each accent.

Later on, the 1975 frontman encouraged the hosts to do an impression of Japanese people working in concentration camps. Healy later joined in on the impersonation.

Healy also said fellow pop singer Harry Styles has been given a "pass" for "queerbaiting", which is when someone hints at queerness for personal gain in the LGBT community.

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“I don’t think the gays really like it," he said. "I think it’s young girls who think it’s a new thing who are like ‘Oh my God’."

The show provoked ire from fans on social media who accused the singer of being disrespectful towards women as well as Chinese, Scottish, Japanese and Hawaiian people.

One Twitter user said: "Matty Healy, how are you getting on stage every night and mocking toxic masculinity and then going on a podcast and undoing the whole thing by being wildly ignorant, misogynistic, homophobic, racist, everything else under the sun. Disgraceful behaviour actually."

Another added: "Y'all freaking out about Matty Healy talking about Harry but ignoring how literally EVERYTHING on that podcast was horrendous?"