The National:

WHO would you expect to see on stage at an event run by The Conservative Woman?

It might be fair to anticipate at least one woman on the stage. Even two. Three would be a crowd.

What you might not expect to see is a total of zero women on stage. In their place, not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but SIX men. That's two crowds.

Proving that some people really are tone deaf, the “common sense crusader” and GB News host Calvin Robinson proudly showed off his presence.

“The Conservative Woman event last night was full of hope,” he wrote on Twitter. “Turning the suffering that came out of Covid – vaccine injuries, lockdowns etc – into joy.

“It was a full house, so many wonderful people telling their stories. An impromptu prayer of the Our Father, no gender nonsense!”

Perhaps the lack of “gender nonsense” is why no one clocked that having six men on stage at a Conservative Woman event wasn’t the best optics.

And if you’re wondering what “vaccine injuries” was a reference to, the presence of Tory MP and Covid conspiracy theorist Andrew Bridgen on the stage probably gives some hint.

Other fellas up there in the spotlight included Right Said Fred’s Richard Fairbrass and cartoonist Bob Moran, which really pulls together the line up.

Astonishingly, a photo of the crowd shows that some women did turn up to listen to these guys ramble on. Still more have clocked on online to mock the whole thing though.

Scots comic Janey Godley wrote on Twitter: “'No gender nonsense' the Conservative Woman’s event was chaired by all men 😂”

"I did spot a few women in the audience. Bit of a mistake to let them in. Next they'll be wanting to speak from the platform. Thin end of the wedge if you ask me," another user quipped.

Others suggested that Robinson had perhaps shared the wrong photo, or that the whole thing had been photoshopped.

No such luck. Old Calvin is so proud of it in fact that he has made it his cover picture on Twitter. Tone deaf.

As an aside, The Conservative Woman is the website which reported that Arlene Foster had said the SNP are “just about anti-everything – anti-English, antisemitic, and anti-Indian” – then swiftly unreported it after outrage grew.