THE UK Government has failed to respond to concerns of a serious radiation breach at Faslane, the home of Trident, for three months, an MP has said.

The issue was initially raised with Defence Secretary Ben Wallace in November last year by Neale Hanvey during topical questions.

Wallace said he would write to Hanvey but the Alba MP claims he is still in the dark on the matter, has had no response and is calling for “full transparency”.

The Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath MP has now written to Wallace to push him to address the issue.

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Hanvey raised allegations on November 7 that staff from HM Naval Base Clyde – sited at Faslane on Gare Loch -  were moved from a building in Coulport, where warheads are managed, to another building elsewhere as a consequence of a serious radiation breach.

In his letter, he asked Wallace how many such events have happened in the last three years and how many incidents have been made public.

Hanvey said: “Last year, during defence topical questions, I raised with the Secretary of State for Defence the serious allegations that staff from HM Naval Base Clyde were moved from the building where warheads are processed as a consequence of a serious radiation breach.

“Despite being assured that I would be provided with a written explanation to date I have received nothing, so I remain in the dark about this serious occurrence. 

“The people of Scotland have consistently expressed their opposition to the housing of weapons of mass destruction on our shores.

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“It is completely unacceptable for there to be a lack of transparency on such an important issue.”

The letter states: “You assured me that you would write to me to answer these allegations. To date I have yet to receive any response to these very serious allegations. Therefore, I would be most grateful if you could now respond to the following points I raised.

“How many such events have been registered in the past three years? How many such incidents have been reported to the public?

“If you are unable to do so, can you please explain to the people living in the vicinity of these weapons of mass destruction why such incidents are not being addressed transparently?”

When contacted by The National, the Ministry of Defence said on Friday the incident Hanvey referred to "did not occur". 

A Royal Navy spokesperson said: “The alleged radiation incident referred to during Defence Orals did not occur. 

We have robust safety measures in place at all MOD nuclear sites and we take safety incidents very seriously. Our nuclear programmes are subject to regular independent scrutiny and reviews.”